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About Us

With regard to generate kitchen hood in Iran and heavy reliance to imported electro engines without quality ; we decided to generate such products that prevent from outflow of currency. Having an expert team in this part helps us to registrate our name as the first producer of kitchen hood electro engines in Iran. In 2008first electro engine in format of a natural person was produced. With producing 13 electro engines by establishment of Namavaran Sanaye Arvin company we started our activities. Now honor supply of production 52 brands of kitchen hood is for us. All of our products has national standard licence. By performing quality managrment system we were catched iso 9001-2008 and CE standard from BSCIC company. Customer satisfication, avoiding from outflow of currency and catching proud to Iran are our aims. It's clear that your views and suggestions will promote Namavaran Sanaye Arvin company.

Address: 2nd Sanat St,Sanat St,Jomhouri Av,East Industrial Zone,Semnan,Iran


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